Quebracho is a Minneapolis-based pop-up and caterer specializing in charcuterie and savory pies.

Quebracho, noun, \ kā-ˈbrä-chō \
Spanish, quiebra hacha, literally, the axe breaker.

A hardwood tree native to South America. It’s highly dense wood produces long burning fires, making it the preferred type of firewood in Argentina for a traditional asado gaucho.


At Quebracho we specialize in charcuterie and pies, but celebrating family and friends and replicating the experience of a family Sunday in Argentina is what truly lies at the heart of our business. Conversation, laughter and food all blend in this weekly gathering that revolves around the table, all put together by a host –the Argentine grill master– who proudly welcomes every guest to the house and makes sure everyone feels at home.