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Authentic Argentinian empanadas by Belén Rodríguez. Enjoy wholesome and homemade recipes by her abuela, with the practicality of a quick, no-mess meal. Ready to bake at home. Made with love in Minnesota.

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A Note from Our Founder

Belén Rodríguez

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Quebracho Empanadas: Exploring Our Argentinian Roots

Quebracho Empanadas brings an authentic Argentinian staple by Belén Rodríguez and her Grandma Iaia, proudly made in Minnesota.

Belén moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2012. For the first few years, she worked as an interpreter at a local hospital. She comes from the Argentine Pampas, and like most families in the region, hers has a business in the beef industry. Growing up in this environment and seeing her dad grill almost every weekend since she could remember meant there were no chances for her major in Translation and Interpreting to turn into a full-time career. Her heart was in the kitchen.

During this time, she’d often invite friends over on Sundays to cook for them, continuing on a family tradition from Argentina. Quebracho was originally born out of this homesickness –a way to feel connected to her family. And when she makes empanadas like Iaia used to make, she feels her family is near her too. Quebracho is about so much more than just the empanada, it’s about Belén being able to share rich family traditions, stories, memories, and culture. It’s about inviting people to experience the concept of a family Sunday in Argentina, about bringing family and friends together through food.

What Our Customers Say


Not only are the empanadas fantastic, but the owner, Belén, is a gem. Her empanadas are traditional Argentine empanadas, and they bring me back to my days in Argentina where I lived for three months.

María L.

Quebracho Customer


A wonderful small business with great food! Beautiful empanadas and nice customer service! You can see the care that goes into each step of the way.

Emily M.

Quebracho Customer


Really enjoy all three flavors of these delicious hand crafted empanadas. I love the story and I love the people!!

Tanner P.

Quebracho Customer


Fabulous, authentic and locally made empanadas. Simple and fresh ingredients delicately put together! I LOVE EM!

Annie L.

Quebracho Customer


Quebracho’s empanadas are delicious. They are perfect for a quick, no-mess family meal!

Robyn S.

Quebracho Customer


We were blown away by how delicious these empanadas are! You can tell how fresh the ingredients are right away. They make for easy lunches and late night snacks!

Stacey P.

Quebracho Customer


Argentinian Empanadas

Our empanadas have been in my family for almost 80 years, and have remained virtually unchanged. I really do mean it when I say they are just like my Grandma used to make, and I'm so happy to share them with you.

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