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The Story of Quebracho Empanadas

noun, \ kā-ˈbrä-chō \ Spanish, quiebra hacha, literally, the axe breaker.

A hardwood tree native to South America. Its highly dense wood produces long burning fires, making it the preferred type of firewood in Argentina for a traditional asado gaucho.

Los Domingos en Familia / Sundays With the Family

Celebrating family and friends, and replicating the experience of a family Sunday in Argentina is what truly lies at the heart of our business. Conversation, laughter and food all blend in this weekly gathering that revolves around the table, all put together by a host –the Argentine grill master– who proudly welcomes every guest to the house and makes sure everyone feels at home.

Meet Belén Rodríguez 

She comes from the Argentine Pampas and like most families in the region, hers has a business in the beef industry. Growing up in this environment and seeing her dad grill almost every weekend since she could remember meant her career in Scientific Translation would at some point come to an end, as her heart was truly in the kitchen. She first started cooking for friends and family in the U.S. as a way to reconnect with her roots and to cope with homesickness, but the hobby quickly turned into a desire to switch careers and after a few years working at restaurants she decided to take a step back from the restaurant world to open something of her own. 

Her first concept was Quebracho Charcuterie & Pies –a small-scale pop-up and catering company that specialized in the art of charcuterie and savory pies, with her grandmother's empanadas as one of her menu items. But in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to shut down her business and she was faced with the decision of either closing the business for good or pivoting and finding a way to continue sharing her family's recipes during such unprecedented times, and so Quebracho Empanadas was born. Her new concept allowed her to keep the essence of the company alive, while still doing what she loved and, most importantly, accompanied by the same team –the same family, it all started with.

Quebracho Empanadas is now a food brand that offers heritage-inspired Hispanic flavors, featuring better-for-you ingredients and recipes adapted to the modern world. We are starting this journey with our empanadas, and hope you'll join us as we discover new exciting flavors that honor who we are and where we come from.