Wholesale Empanadas

Authentic, homemade, wholesale empanadas with the practicality of a quick, no-mess meal.

Let them say, “I brought you Quebracho!”

Why Our Empanadas

Our 3-SKU lineup features:


  • New-in-stores Argentinian cuisine
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colorings/flavors
  • No added sugar


  • Premium recipes with elevated flavor profiles
  • Hand-crafted & baked
  • Clean ingredient deck


  • Authentic recipes that honor our Founder's family, culture, and roots

Wholesale Empanadas: Who We Serve

Quebracho Empanadas are a sought after item at grocery stores and co-ops. As a handheld food with minimal preparation they are an excellent choice for restaurant appetizer or bar menus, school cafeterias, sport events, casinos, airports and airlines, and any activities with large crowds.

Quality & Food Safety

We are HACCP/USDA/FDA inspected and all of our products are held to the highest standards.

Convenient Logistics

Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, our operation has access to optimal distribution lines.

Proven Sales

In less than three years, we have achieved sustained growth and expanded to more than 50 stores in 3 states.

Trust in a Reputable Company

Since 2018, we have built strong relationships to solidify our Company’s foundation, by working with companies and organizations like Unilever, Partners in Food Solutions, Lunar Startups, and NEON Minneapolis.

On the Horizon

At Quebracho, we are continuously exploring innovative flavors and products that are also convenient and practical. It is our wish to continue bringing more authentic family recipes to our consumers.

Ready to add Quebracho Empanadas to your wholesale operation?

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