Cooking Instructions

We craft our dough and fillings specifically to allow you to cook our empanadas in a variety of ways while still getting great texture and flavor. Pro tip: you don’t even need to thaw them before cooking them!

Oven Baking Instructions

For the best experience, we recommend baking these in a conventional oven, previously preheated at 350 °F, for 20-30 minutes. This method can be replicated in a toaster oven too.

Air Fryer Instructions

Raise your hand if you are an air fryer lover! Yes, we gave our empanadas a try in an air fryer and found that 20 minutes at the lowest setting (ours went down to 170 °F) did the trick.

Grilling Instructions

Who would ever want to turn their oven on in the middle of summer?! Avoid heating up your house and bring the party outside. Wrap the empanadas in aluminum foil and grill them for 20-30 minutes. You can open up the foil for a few minutes before serving them to crisp them up a bit.

What other ways have you found worked for you? Leave a review and tell us about your experience.