The Rise of Frozen Cuisine in America

The Rise of Frozen Cuisine in America

Americans have (happily) expanded their interest in frozen cuisine beyond TV dinners in recent years. Overly processed, calorie-dense foods are being left by the wayside in favor of foods with more wholesome ingredients from companies who display a commitment to sustainability, equitable employment, and other important values their customers respect. Now it’s possible to have a balanced diet by eating both fresh and frozen foods with all sorts of nutrition and flavor profiles.

Many Americans like to combine fresh ingredients with frozen components to create a perfectly balanced meal without the hassle. When you combine frozen empanadas with a fresh salad, you can be sure all your ingredients are wholesome and high-quality. Meals like this come together in just a few minutes. 

An Accidental Freezing Innovation

We take refrigeration and frozen foods for granted in 2022, but these products weren’t commercially available until well into the 20th century. In 1924, American entrepreneur Clarence Birdseye (of the frozen foods company by the same name) discovered that when the fish he caught in chilly Canada froze quickly due to the low air temperatures, they stayed fresh longer and tasted better when thawed. This was a major revelation at a time when most foods couldn’t be frozen quickly.

When food freezes slowly, as was the case before Birdseye’s discovery, ice crystals form within the cells of the food. Later, when the food is thawed to be eaten or added to a dish, these ice crystals melt and give the food a soggy or watery texture. Most people aren’t big fans of “soggy” foods, so Birdseye’s discovery inspired many frozen food companies and appliance manufacturers to innovate more effective and quicker ways to freeze and store food.

Why Do We Like Frozen Food?

Frozen food is almost suspended in time; it’s preserved when it’s at its ripest and most nutrient-dense. Freezing these foods may actually make them even fresher and healthier than the produce you’d find in the grocery store. Freezing locks in nutrients when produce is at its peak, whereas fresh produce spends substantial time on a truck being shipped to your grocery store. When we extend this logic to pre-made frozen foods like empanadas, you can be sure your complete meal is as fresh and nutrient-rich as possible.

Quebracho’s frozen empanadas fit perfectly into Americans’ new frozen food needs. Our foods are prepared using fresh ingredients before being frozen to lock in flavor and freshness. We use wholesome, high-quality ingredients you can trust. Our foods are convenient yet nutritious, and they’re extremely versatile. Serve your empanadas with a fresh salsa, as an appetizer for a home-cooked meal, or try combining them with other frozen foods from your local co-op for ultimate convenience!