Quebracho Empanadas In Lunds and Byerly's

Quebracho Empanadas In Lunds and Byerly's

Quebracho’s products are a sought-after item at grocery stores and co-ops. Our empanadas are made right here in Minnesota and currently offered regionally. Your customers will love purchasing and enjoying products made by our small business. 

Customers can already purchase our empanadas at dozens of grocery stores throughout the Twin Cities metro area, including at their local Lunds and Byerly’s. With 28 locations throughout the metro, the company offers a convenient upscale grocery shopping experience for every shopper. Lunds and Byerly’s has been a family-owned company since 1939. They happily support local small businesses like ours! We’re pleased to partner with this company to bring our empanadas to Twin Cities grocery shoppers. 

Home cooks and busy families in the Twin Cities love buying local products. As tastes expand, more shoppers are looking for an easy way to enjoy diverse flavors. Our company was founded to bring Argentinian recipes to the U.S., and our empanadas are a great way for your customers to experience new flavors.

Bring Quebracho Empanadas to Your Grocery Store

When you choose Quebracho Empanadas, you’ll be offering your customers an authentic, high-quality product while trusting in a company that has consistently remained on the top 3rd of sales in its category. The frozen food market is quickly evolving; customers crave more than TV dinners. Our innovative approach allows shoppers to turn our frozen products into a fresh-tasting, heritage-inspired meal in as few as 20 minutes. 

Our empanadas are also a great choice for delis, school cafeterias, arenas, casinos, and airlines. Any vendor who expects a crowd of hungry patrons will love the convenience of our products.

Grocery stores, co-ops, and vendors can learn more about Quebracho Empanadas by contacting a member of our team.