From Grandma Iaia’s Kitchen to Yours

From Grandma Iaia’s Kitchen to Yours

Empanadas are a cherished food in Argentina. They can be found at most family gatherings and parties and are often sold by street vendors as a quick snack or lunch. You’ll find empanadas in both restaurants and family kitchens, and many cooks have their own recipe they’ve perfected over the years.

Belén Rodríguez’s Grandma Iaia is no exception. She crafted piles of empanadas using her own recipes to create food that honored her family’s unique culture and values. Now you can enjoy these flavors from abuela Iaia’s kitchen every time you bite into one of Quebracho’s convenient, homemade empanadas.

Good Times with Family and Great Flavors

Our story begins in the Argentine Pampas, where Belén Rodríguez grew up. Like many families in the region, Belén’s family had a business in the beef industry, so they spent much of their quality time grilling and enjoying delicious meals. While her father cooked meats on the grill, Belén helped her grandma make piles of empanadas and got them ready for the family to enjoy.

Conversation, laughter and food are at the heart of many Argentinians’ weekly Sunday gatherings where families come together to enjoy grilled meats, empanadas, and other homemade dishes. When Belén decided to launch Quebracho Empanadas she wanted her products to pay homage to her roots. Her goal was to replicate the experience of a family Sunday in Argentina celebrating family and friends. This is the true heart of our business.

Bringing Argentinian Flavor to the U.S.

Belén first started cooking for friends and family in the U.S. as a way to reconnect with her roots and to cope with homesickness, but what started as a hobby quickly turned into a desire to pursue a career in a professional kitchen. After a few years working at restaurants to hone her skills, she decided to take a step back from the restaurant world to open her own business: Quebracho Empanadas. She named the business after the Quebracho tree of South America, a hardwood tree whose wood is preferred for grilling meats.

When she started Quebracho Empanadas, Belén knew she wanted to consult her Grandma Iaia’s empanada recipes to create authentic empanadas that conjured up memories of those Sundays spent with family in Argentina. She wants you to be able to taste the tradition of making empanadas with loved ones as you gather around the table and enjoy Quebracho’s products.

If you’re ready to try a delicious, no-mess meal steeped in Argentinian tradition, give Quebracho Empanadas a try! Our three empanada flavors – beef, chicken, and spinach & ricotta cheese – can be found in many co-ops and grocery stores around the Twin Cities. Here’s where to find our empanadas in-store. You can also order directly from our website. We know you’ll love how our empanadas are easy to prepare and packed with flavor!