The Best Authentic Argentinian Empanadas Wholesaler in Minnesota!

The Best Authentic Argentinian Empanadas Wholesaler in Minnesota!

Quebracho’s authentic Argentinian empanadas are sold wholesale to grocery stores throughout the region. Stores enjoy purchasing wholesale empanadas from us because they know how much customers love our products. We are HACCP, USDA, and FDA inspected, so grocery stores and co-ops can support a local company without questioning food safety. Convenience, better-for-you ingredients, and authenticity make Quebracho’s empanadas some of the best in the state!

What Makes A Good Empanada?

The great thing about empanadas is that they’re enjoyed in countless countries, so authenticity is subjective. The best empanadas have a couple things in common: first and foremost, they have to be delicious! There are so many different fillings to be found, from the traditional Argentine beef empanadas and chicken flavors to unique fusion foods and desserts. There’s bound to be at least one flavor of empanada out there for everyone.

Good empanadas should also be cooked perfectly, so that the filling is nice and hot and the dough doesn’t get soggy as it bakes. This is where some frozen empanadas fall short; if they are not assembled properly, the filling will fall out or the empanada dough will not cook correctly. Luckily, we have perfected our recipe to ensure perfectly cooked empanadas, whether customers use an oven, air fryer, or grill. 

Buy Argentine Empanadas At a Grocery Store Near You!

What do grocery stores appreciate most about our wholesale empanadas? Probably how much their customers love the products! Interest in high-quality frozen cuisine has surged in recent years as buyers move away from expensive takeout and time-consuming dinner recipes. Our authentic, wholesome products are as convenient as they are delicious. Shoppers appreciate that our empanadas can be prepared in as little as 20 minutes, which makes them a great option for any meal or snack. Empanadas are approachable because they’re made with familiar ingredients, but they also give eaters a chance to try a new food from a different culture. 

If you’d like to offer a wider variety of frozen foods at your grocery store or co-op, give Minnesota’s best wholesale empanadas a try! To learn more and order Minnesota wholesale empanadas from Quebracho, contact us.