Add Quebracho Empanadas to Your Wholesale Operation!

Add Quebracho Empanadas to Your Wholesale Operation!

Quebracho Empanadas has grown a following in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area over the past several years. Now we’re excited to offer our wholesale clients the same delicious empanadas as a frozen take-and-bake item with your choice of several delicious fillings.

Why Our Empanadas

Belén Rodriguez was inspired to start Quebracho Empanadas using her Argentinian grandmother’s empanada recipes. Empanadas are a staple of many family gatherings in Argentina, where young and old come together to prepare and eat empanadas, grilled meat, and other delicious foods.

Belén first started cooking for friends and family in the U.S. as a way to reconnect with her roots and to cope with homesickness, but she quickly realized she was creating something special that others would appreciate. This is how Quebracho Empanadas was formed!

Meet Quebracho

Our 3-SKU lineup features:


  • New-in-stores Argentinian cuisine
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colorings/flavors
  • No added sugar


  • Premium recipes with elevated flavor profiles
  • Hand-crafted & baked
  • Clean ingredient deck


  • Authentic recipes that honor our Founder's family, culture, and roots

We are a proud woman and immigrant-owned business steeped in Argentinian culture and tradition. It doesn’t matter whether you’re located in Minnesota or elsewhere in the country; your customers will love to purchase and enjoy products from small businesses.

Wholesale Empanadas: Who We Serve

Quebracho Empanadas are a sought after item at grocery stores and co-ops. Many families are drawn to our product because of its versatility as a quick and easy dinner or after-school snack. As a handheld food with minimal preparation, they are also an excellent choice for any company that serves food to its patrons: restaurants and bars, school cafeterias, sporting events, casinos, airports and airlines, food trucks, and festivals (just to name a few!).

We are HACCP/USDA/FDA inspected and all of our products are held to the highest standards. You can be confident you are serving a high quality product. It is our wish to continue bringing more authentic family recipes to our consumers, so we are continuously exploring innovative flavors and products that are also convenient and practical. We look forward to offering even more options to our wholesale clients!